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Our Curriculum

Intent - Implementation - Impact

Curriculum Maps 2020-21

Curriculum Subjects

National Curriculum

At Oakington Primary School we are delivering a knowledge-rich curriculum, designed to engage and challenge all children and develop a love of learning. We aim to offer a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum, exposing children to ‘powerful knowledge’ which gives every child an equal opportunity to grow, thrive and excel. Our curriculum is under constant development and review.

We make use of the Primary Knowledge Curriculum material developed by the Knowledge Schools Trust.

Knowledge-rich Curriculum

In 2020, we made the decision to implement a knowledge-rich curriculum.

  • Gaining of knowledge is at the heart

  • Knowledge is specified in meticulous detail

  • Knowledge is acquired in long-term memory

  • Knowledge is carefully sequenced over time

  • Focus on subject disciplines


Substantive Knowledge: Knowing that or what – the facts or concepts that are accrued through the study of different subject disciplines.

E.g. The Battle of Hastings was in 1066.

Procedural Knowledge: Knowing how – a skill or function you are able to perform.

E.g. Finding the missing angle on a triangle where two angles have been stated.


When building a curriculum, Ofsted require schools to consider the:

  • Intent - the knowledge and understanding to be acquired through the curriculum

  • Implementation - the way in which curriculum is enacted in schools

  • Impact - the outcomes of the curriculum. What do the pupils know and remember?


Our pedagogy is centred around our motto:

Inspire. Dream. Achieve.

We aim to inspire children through an exposure to awe and wonder, as well as engaging and enriching experiences. We believe the experiences we give our children are relatable and will encourage them to dream big and not limit their own ambitions. Ultimately, we want our children to achieve their full potential at school - we do this through getting to know each child individually and setting appropriate challenges with the tools to succeed.

We have strong cross-curricular links through a variety of topics, and teach vital and transferrable skills to develop the learner, not just the learning. Our 5Rs, underpin our teaching and enable the children to grow in confidence academically.

Our inclusive vision and Christian Values are embedded in our curriculum as we strive to make every child feel valued and cared for, helping them to make good progress and reach their full potential.

When teaching Christianity in R.E. we use the Diocese Of Ely recommended scheme Understanding Christianity.