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Live Zoom Session Expectations

Remote Learning 2021

  • Parents should be in the room with their child
  • Ideally, your child should be the only person visible in your webcam/device in the Zoom meeting
  • If possible, please avoid having anything else in the shot which is distracting to the teacher or other children on the call. For example, siblings coming in and out, a TV on, etc.
  • If this is not possible, please ensure your child is on mute and/or have the video off
  • Please make sure there is as minimum background noise as possible when unmuted
  • Children need to join using their own name
  • Parents and children must not take screenshots, recordings or photos of Zoom meetings
  • Children must be dressed appropriately
  • Backgrounds and visible area must be appropriate for all children to see
  • Once your child has joined a meeting please change to ‘Speaker’ view:

On a Computer

  • Click ‘View’ - top right corner
  • Select ‘Speaker View’

On a Mobile Device

  • Automatically goes to ‘Active Speaker View’
  • If on 'Gallery View', select ‘Active Speaker View’ – top left


  • Teachers will be recording the live Zoom sessions for safeguarding purposes