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School Closure

In principle, we aim to keep the school open if at all possible, regardless of the weather. However, a decision to close the school will be made by 7.30am if possible. The school will stay open unless it is deemed hazardous for staff and pupils to get to school, or if insufficient numbers of staff can get into school to ensure adequate supervision/safety of your child.  We also have to be satisfied that the school site is safe for all.

Under other exceptional circumstances, such as a power cut, loss of water or heating, etc. we may have to close the school. The responsibility for the closure of the school rests with the Headteacher and Director of School Improvement (DEMAT).

If the school is closed due to inclement weather, we will inform parents via:

  • ClassDojo/Tapestry and email
  • Radio Stations Radio Cambridgeshire and Q103 broadcast frequently-updated lists of closed schools every ten minutes or so from 7:00am onwards. Oakington C of E Primary School will be added to this list if we need to close.
  • The BBC Cambridgeshire Website - - has the latest list of closed schools. This list is initially not alphabetic but is updated regularly throughout the early morning, then renewed each day.
  • The Local Authority school closures website here.
  • Our own website under Latest News will be updated, but if our staff are in transit, or absent, it cannot be relied upon to be as up-to-date as the BBC website. Please do not rely on this as your first contact point.

Under other circumstances, we will endeavour to contact all parents via ClassDojo/Tapestry and email.

If we are open and the weather is challenging, it does not mean that we feel you should brave your
own weather challenges to get here, but if you can safely get your child(ren) here then we are up and
running for you.

Please help us to react quickly to deterioration in the weather by making your child aware of the arrangements you are likely to put in place in the event of the school closing and:

  • Ensuring the school office has up-to date contact numbers and email addresses.
  • Regularly checking school communication channels
  • Not phoning the school office to check if we are open
  • Ensuring your child comes to school with warm, waterproof clothing and Wellington boots when it is snowy

Health and Safety Information

In the event of snow, some pathways will be cleared and salted.  Parents, children and visitors need to be aware that pathways, even where cleared, do remain dangerous.

Before and after school opening hours, parents are responsible for ensuring their children do not slide on the playground.  During adverse weather conditions, the playground may be out of bounds to parents and children at the beginning and end of the school day.

After a period of closure, a message will be sent to parents and staff to advise them of the reopening of the school.