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Volunteering In School

Parents and other adults make a valued and varied contribution to school life by volunteering in many different ways - some on an occasional basis, others regularly. For example - helping on trips, listening to reading, running or assisting at clubs, driving sports teams to matches. Whatever your skills or interests, we may be able to put them to good use, and hope that in return you would enjoy the satisfation and fun that our current volunteers experience!

If you volunteer in school, or are considering doing so, please read our guidelines for volunteers below:


We appreciate any help you are able to give and we hope that you will enjoy working with us.

Considerations and requirements:

• Please sign in and out at the entrance lobby.

• Visitors will be given a visitors badge by the office staff

• All helpers who have regular contact with children will be asked to complete a form in order for them to be DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.

• Regular visitors must undertake Safeguarding and Child Protection Training prior to working with children. This will be delivered by the Head Teacher.

• We expect behaviour of a high standard at all times. If there is a difficulty please speak to the class teacher.

• Don’t allow yourself to be put in a compromising situation-make sure that a classroom door is always open if you are reading with a child or helping with a group of children.

• Remember that confidentiality is essential.

• Fire procedures are on display in all areas. The assembly point in the event of a fire/ fire drill is at the far end of the school field next to the corner of fence near to the nature reserve.

• Toilets are available next to the Head Teacher's office and in the Year 1 area.  A disabled toilet is situated in the entrance hall to main school and there is also a disabled toilet sited in the new build entrance lobby. Staff will show you where belongings can be left and will offer you a drink from the staffroom at breaktimes.

• All volunteers are insured by means of a blanket cover operated by the Local Authority.

• If you are concerned about child protection matters relating to a child from what you hear or see please speak to the Headteacher, Mr Clark, who is the Designated Safeguarding Lead as soon as possible.

• If a child appears to be feeling unwell or needs first aid please tell the class teacher.

• Mobile phones and devices capable of taking photos must not be used.

• Conduct in the classroom should be in a way as to not disturb the atmosphere created by the class teacher e.g. If you need another reader please ask the last reader to ask for them to come to you or wait for an appropriate moment to ask the teacher who will be next.

• Children changing after swimming should be encouraged to do so independently whenever possible and to get dressed quickly.

We would like to thank you for your interest in helping at our school. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Please contact the School Office here for more information.